The ‘Gazorp’ Azorult Builder emerged from the Dark Web

Pierluigi Paganini October 02, 2018

Checkpoint experts discovered in the Dark Web an online builder, dubbed Gazorp, that allows crooks to create customized binaries for the Azorult malware.

Security researchers from Checkpoint have discovered in the Dark Web an online builder, dubbed Gazorp, that allows crooks to easily create customized binaries for the Azorult info-stealing malware.

The Gazorp builder allows generating for free the malicious code to steal passwords, payment information, cryptocurrency wallet data and more.

“On 17th September Check Point Research found a new online builder, dubbed ‘Gazorp’, hosted on the Dark Web. Gazorp is designed for building binaries of the popular malware, Azorult, an infostealer used for stealing user passwords, credit card information, ” states CheckPoint.

“Furthermore, the Gazorp service is provided free of charge and gives threat actors the ability to create fresh Azorult samples and corresponding panel server code, leaving them simply to provide their Command & Control (C&C) address. This address gets embedded into the newly created binary, which in turn can be distributed in any way the threat actor sees fit.”

Check Point researchers took the platform for a test-drive and found that Gazorp does, indeed, perform as advertised, “effectively” creating samples of Azorult version 3.0.

Experts at CheckPoint have tried the Gazorp builder and successfully generated working samples of Azorult version 3.0.

Gazorp Azorult Builder

This version of the malware was observed in the wild five months ago, since then, it was updated two times, experts discovered the versions, 3.1 and 3.2 in live attacks.

Azorult has been around since at least 2016, malware researchers at Proofpoint spotted a new version of the AZORult Spyware in the wild, it was involved in a large email campaign on July 18, just 24 hours it appeared in cybercrime forums on the Dark Web.

Experts also noted that Gazorp’s emergence on the Dark Web was the result of the leak of the code for the Azorult’s panel (for versions 3.1 and 3.2).

The availability of the code allows anyone to easily create its own version of the Azorult C&C panel, the experts added that the leak also contained a builder for the latest version of the malware. This builder isn’t the original one used by the authors, “it merely encoded and placed the C&C address string given to it as an argument by the user to a particular field in a ready-made binary.”

“It is possible then that the simple mechanism and the overall delivery of the recent versions to the public inspired Gazorp’s authors to introduce it online.” continues the analysis.

The online builder links to a Telegram channel used by the authors to update users on their activity and to share updates on the project.

Gazorp authors plan to implement future extensibility with a “modules” section, the ability to configure the panel and export the various databases to a file.

Experts believe we can soon assist at a spike of campaigns leveraging the Azorult info-stealer generated with the Gazorp builder.

“For now, it seems we are looking at a very early version of the Gazorp service (0.1), where the main product delivered is an enhanced Azorult C&C panel code. However, we do expect the project to evolve with time, and possibly produce new variants for Azorult.” concludes CheckPoint.

“Given that the service is free, it is also possible that new campaigns with Gazorp built binaries will start to emerge in higher scale in the wild. We will keep monitoring this threat and provide any insights on our research blog when such will come up.”

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Gazorp builder, malware)

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