WikiLeaks published DNCLeak2, but someone DDoSed it

Pierluigi Paganini November 08, 2016

WikiLeaks confirmed that the email publication server suffered a massive DDoS attack since it published a new set of DNC hacked emails dubbed as DNCLeak2.

A couple of days before the 2016 Presidential election, WikiLeaks has published a new set of emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The new set, dubbed DNCLeak2, includes 8,200 emails, the messages are added to the already leaked over 50,000 emails stolen from the DNC.

In one of the leaked emails, the former Clinton Foundation fundraiser Doug Band was slamming Chelsea Clinton for allegedly using the funds from the Clinton Foundation to pay for her wedding.

Early Monday morning WikiLeaks was targeted by a massive DDoS attack a few hours after the publishing of the DNCLeak2. The organization announced the attack via Twitter that shortly after it has released the DNC emails.

Evidently, someone disagreed the Wikileak’s decision of releasing this trove of email before the presidential election.

Below the message posted by WikiLeaks on its Facebook page:Wikileaks Update: We are still under a DoS attack on our e-mail publication servers and it appears that Twitter is down as well, we are unable to confirm if this is an attack on twitter at this time.

DNCLeak2 Assange US decision 2

Wikileaks was not the unique website that reported an outage, also Twitter went down for at least 30 minutes, but the two events appear to be uncorrelated.

Users on the Internet immediately linked the two incidents speculating a censorship activity operated by the US Government.

“Twitter went down because Wikileaks released #DNCleak2 It has begun! They are trying to suppress the truth from coming out!!!,” a Twitter user said.

“So Twitter was down due to the #DNCLeak2 released by @wikileaks – we should be worried, global censorship is heading our way,” another user said.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – DNCLeak2, Wikileaks)

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