Entercom Radio Network hit by a second cyber attack in a few months

Pierluigi Paganini December 25, 2019

A new cyber attack hit the radio network Entercom, this is the second time the company has suffered a similar security incident in a few months.

A cyber attack hit the radio network Entercom, the incident has impacted the back-office functions and in some cases, the stations were apparently forced to run recorded programs.

Entercom is a giant radio network that has an audience of over 170 million people every month.

This is the second time that the Entercom network has suffered a cyber attack, the first time the incident took place in September and caused the loss of $400,000 in revenue.

This second attack appears to have a much smaller scale, but anyway it caused a temporary outage of the systems. The company suffered connectivity problems that disabled email communication and access to the content for the digital platforms.

“Entercom has confirmed it suffered a disruption to its IT systems over the weekend and says the issues were largely resolved by Monday morning.” reads a post published the website Insideradio. “Entercom isn’t commenting on the specifics of the weekend outage and whether it involved a cyber-attack into encrypted servers. According to various reports, the company had connectivity issues that affected email, access to files and content for the company’s digital platforms. “

The operations were fully restored by Monday morning, experts reported that some markets were not able to import music logs and other contents.

“During Entercom’s third quarter results call, CFO Richard Schmaeling said the September breach incurred $1 million in costs and $400,000 in lost revenues. To safeguard the company from future attacks, the company, increased its IT CapEx investment by about $2 million “as we rapidly further fortify our defenses,” Schmaeling said then.” reported InsideRadio.

It is not clear if the short time to restore operations was the result of additional security measures added following the first cyber attack, or if the company had paid the ransom to restore their data.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – Entercom, hacking)

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