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Pierluigi Paganini October 10, 2021

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Previously undetected FontOnLake Linux malware used in targeted attacks
Google addresses four high-severity flaws in Chrome
Security expert published NMAP script for Apache CVE-2021-41773 vulnerability servers exposed via misconfiguration
Cox Media Group took down broadcasts after a ransomware attack
58% of all nation-state attacks in the last year were launched by Russian nation-state actors
The Netherlands declares war on ransomware operations
Google warns of APT28 attack attempts against 14,000 Gmail users
Apache rolled out a new update in a few days to fix incomplete patch for an actively exploited flaw
FIN12 ransomware gang don’t implement double extortion to prioritize speed
PoC exploit for 2 flaws in Dahua cameras leaked online
Twitch data breach updates: login credentials or card numbers not exposed
Operation GhostShell: MalKamak APT targets aerospace and telco firms
Exclusive: Researchers dumped Gigabytes of data from Agent Tesla C2Cs
Twitch source code and sensitive data leaked online
Arizona governor announces the launch of Command Center to protect state computer systems
UK newspaper The Telegraph exposed a 10TB database with subscriber data
LANtenna attack allows exfiltrating data from Air-Gapped systems via Ethernet cables
Apache patch a zero-day flaw exploited in the wild
Unnamed Ransomware gang uses a Python script to encrypt VMware ESXi servers
Telco service provider giant Syniverse had unauthorized access since 2016
Dark web marketplace White House announces end to its operations
Misconfigured Apache Airflow servers leak thousands of credentials
Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are down worldwide, it’s panic online
Pottawatomie County paid the ransom to recover its systems
Two ransomware operators were arrested in Kyiv with EUROPOL’s support
New APT ChamelGang Targets energy and aviation companies in Russia
LockBit 2.0 ransomware hit Israeli defense firm E.M.I.T. Aviation Consulting
TA544 group behind a spike in Ursnif malware campaigns targeting Italy
CVE-2021-38647 OMIGOD flaw impacts IBM QRadar Azure
The Biden administration will work with 30 countries to curb global cybercrime

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Pierluigi Paganini

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