Instagram implements ‘Security Checkup’ to help users recover compromised accounts

Pierluigi Paganini July 18, 2021

Instagram introduced a new security feature dubbed “Security Checkup” to help users to recover their accounts that have been compromised.

Good news for the owners of Instagram accounts that may have been compromised, the company launched a new feature named ‘Security Checkup‘ feature that aims to keep accounts safe and help users to recover them.

“Today, we’re launching Security Checkup, a new feature to help people keep their Instagram accounts secure. Security Checkup will guide people, whose accounts may have been hacked, through the steps needed to secure them. This includes checking login activity, reviewing profile information, confirming the accounts that share login information and updating account recovery contact information such as phone number or email.” states the company.

During the procedure to re-gain access to accounts, users will have to perform a series of actions, such as reviewing profile information, checking recent login activity, and updating contact details (i.e. email address, phone number).

Instagram also recommends users enable two-factor authentication to protect their accounts.

The company would allow users to use their WhatsApp numbers to authenticate their accounts, but the feature will be available only in selected countries.

Instagram Security feature

Over the past few months, the Facebook-owned company has seen a rise in malicious accounts that were sending Direct Messages to people trying and accessing sensitive information like account passwords. The company pointed out that it will never send users a direct message,

“They may tell you that your account is at risk of being banned, that you are violating our policies around intellectual property, or that your photos are being shared elsewhere. These messages are often scams and violate our policies. Instagram will never send you a DM.” continues the post.

“If Instagram ever wants to reach you about your account, we will do so via the ‘Emails from Instagram’ tab in your settings, which is the only place you will find direct and authentic communication from us on the app,” 

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Pierluigi Paganini

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