US military is working on the creation of separate unified cyber warfare command

Pierluigi Paganini August 19, 2017

President Donald Trump ordered the US Military to create a separate cyber warfare command tasked with cyber warfare operations.

President Donald Trump wants to improve cyber capabilities of the US Military, he ordered it to create a separate cyber warfare command tasked with cyber warfare operations.

President is thinking of a separate command specialized on electronic and online offensive and defensive operations.

“This new Unified Combatant Command will strengthen our cyberspace operations and create more opportunities to improve our nation’s defense,” Trump said in a statement.

“The elevation of United States Cyber Command demonstrates our increased resolve against cyberspace threats and will help reassure our allies and partners and deter our adversaries.”

The US Military was ordered of expanding the number of the Defense Department’s unified combatant commands to 10. The order remarks the importance of cyber warfare in the military strategy, it is on an equal footing with the Strategic Command, the Special Operations Command, and regional commands.

The decision means the US Cyber Command will become a separated entity, let’s remind that it had been a subordinate component of the US Strategic Command since it was established in 2009.

Until now cyber warfare operations have been coordinated by the National Security Agency, currently, led by the Admiral Michael Rogers heading both.

Rogers has said several times over the past year that the US military needs to recruit more skilled cyber to implements the new strategy and give the control of the operations to the Pentagon.

cyber warfare command

The separation of the US Cyber Command from the NSA is currently under review of the Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is currently reviewing separating the Cyber Command from the NSA, he said.

Assistant secretary of defense for Homeland Defense and Global Security, Kenneth Rapuano, explained that the separation is the response of the US Government to the increasing importance of the cyber space in Military operations.

“This is a new sphere of warfare, and we have a steady increase in escalation in cyber incidents around the world,” Rapuano said.

John McCain, chairman of the US Senate’s Armed Services Committee, welcomed the move highlighting the need to develop new cyber strategies to respond even more sophisticated cyber threats.

“We must develop a clear policy and strategy for deterring and responding to cyber threats,” McCain said.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs –  US Cyber Command, Information Warfare)

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