The launch of Williams new FW43B car ruined by hackers

Pierluigi Paganini March 08, 2021

The presentation of Williams’s new Formula One car was ruined by hackers that forced the team to abandon the launch through an augmented reality app.

The Williams team presented its new Formula One car on Friday, but hackers partially ruined the launch by hacking an “augmented reality” app that was designed to show the new vehicle.

The British team, now owned of the American investment firm Dorilton Capital was presenting the new FW43B car, which has “a dramatic new visual identity sporting a livery inspired by Williams’ all-conquering cars of the 1980s and 1990s, combining blue, white and yellow accents.”

The formula 1 team planned to use an augmented reality app to present the car and give the fans an immersive experience, but “the app was hacked prior to launch.”

The idea to use an augmented reality app was also a consequence of the ongoing pandemic and the need to involve the fans that were not able to physically participate in the event.

The app was designed to allow fans to manipulate the car in its new livery in 3D.

The hackers were able to hack the app, steal the information and leaked the image of the FW43B online before the scheduled launch.

Williams FW43B
Source Sky Sport

This year, Williams has chosen the drivers George Russell and Nicholas Latifi for his team.

“Williams Racing is a sporting icon, and a team that has forged a reputation of success through sheer determination and grit intertwined with innovation, passionate and skillful race-craft and an absolute desire to win,” said chief executive Jost Capito.

“We were very much looking forward to sharing this experience with our fans, particularly during this difficult time when being able to bring in-person experiences directly to our fans is sadly not possible.” reads a Williams’ statement.

Williams team apologized for the security breach and to abandon plans to launch the car via the augmented reality app.

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Pierluigi Paganini

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