Brian Krebs Hacked … the big hoax

Pierluigi Paganini October 11, 2014

A man has published on PasteBin a fake dump of the database of the popular website KrebOnSecurity managed by the expert Brian Krebs.

A few hours ago I received a tweet from the account Narcochaos (@N4rCochaos ) , which informed me and other illustrious colleagues that he has hacked the website of the popular security investigator Brian Krebs (

N4rCochaos has shared on Twitter the link to a page on PasteBin which contains the data related to an alleged dump of the database of the popular website, but the man has NEVER HACKER any website!

N4rCochaos is lying and I do not understand why, the data he has published aren’t records of the Brian Krebs’s website database, the man just republished a list of usernames and hashed passwords that Brian Krebs posted a year ago and that were taken from the ddos for hire site ragebooter.


Brian Krebs Hacked 2

The records include the user name, password hash and the email address or the users.

N4rCochaos claims to be a security expert, his Twitter account reveals that he runs the blog, but there is no confirmation about the identity of the man that writes in Portuguese Language.

Brian Krebs Hacked 3

Brian Krebs, like other popular bloggers, is continuously under attack by hackers and cybercriminals.

I contacted Brian that confirmed me the origin of data that doesn’t belong to his portal.

I consider this episode a stupid act at this point N4rCochaos let me suggest to close your account if you do not have a plausible justification for this nonsense.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs –  Brian Krebs, hacking)

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