Ensuring best website security through SSL Certificate updates.

Pierluigi Paganini March 30, 2018

What are the advantages for adopting an SSL Certificates and why is it important to discover and analyze SSL Certificates online?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) has gained weight with the increasing concern of security for all sensitive data online. In fact, it is the only reliable source for secure business and data handling. The entire information that travels between the computers all over the world is kept fully safe from potential dangers with the help of SSL. The business portals need high-level security to keep their own and their customers’ data away from malicious intentions.

Advantages of SSL Certificates

The safety of the data traveling across the World Wide Web is encrypted by SSL. Only the intended users like sender and receiver can understand it. Any third person involved in data handling cannot pick any of its information. Credit card details, usernames, passwords etc. stay secured identity thieves and hackers.  Here are some vital benefits of using SSL:

SSL for Promoting Customers Trust and Business Dealings

A business thrives with its customers. That is why the valuable companies and entrepreneurs priorities to keep their customers satisfied and happy.  One top important thing for a customer is his security and privacy. He does not want his sensitive personal details and data to get exposed to any other third person. Once a company ensures its customers that all their dealings are secured and data saved through proper encryption, the business prospers between the contractors.

Improving SEO with SSL Certificates

SSL certificate

Google has a strict stance policy for keeping the security and privacy of its consumers intact. To implement this modern security measure for consumers, Google has set HTTPS a ranking tool. The secure HTTPS/SSL version promises the business websites to operate securely and exchange the data between its partners and customers without any fear of loss, hacking or theft.

Meeting the Standards of Payment Card Industry with SSL

Online monetary dealings take place through credit cards and these cards carry highly sensitive and important information. The Credit Card Industry ensures the full protection of this valuable information through a setup standard. The companies can meet this standard of security by using SSL certificates only.  A website passes some audits that declare that it is using SSL and complying with the Payment Card Industry standards.

SSL Certificates for Guarding against Scams

SSL certificates are actually procedures that encode a message between two parties: sender and receiver. No third party can snoop in. This cryptographic technology secures the link between a remote browser and a web server. This encrypted message is a hard nut for phishing proxies and hackers. They cannot make any use of the message in case they intercept it which is impossible for them. The coded message shows just like a string of random hash.

Importance of Discovering SSL Certificates

Most of the e-commerce websites operate through the main domain and several subdomains. Each of these is involved in a heavy online business. IT professionals manage these portals through a number of intricate jobs. This leaves the website vulnerable to threats, thus SSL certificates need to be renewed.

Analyzing and discovering SSL certificates at a website is highly important at this stage.  There are many companies that provide discovery tools. There is Comodo Certificate Manager. This finds the location, expiry date, and other information on an SSL certificate. Another service is DigiCert which discovers SSL certificates in use, finds neglected or expired certificates and identifies vulnerabilities.

What is CertDB

CertDB, however, is a more comprehensive SSL and TLS certificate discovery service. It is a search engine which can operate throughout the internet and analyze the certificates in real time. This service helps the users to discover the modern information and historical data because it scans the most common ports of the entire IPv4 range. Here are the salient features of CertDB:

Absolutely Free

CertDB is absolutely free for users. Companies and websites owners need not worry about extra expenses for discovering certificates with the help of CertDB.


CertDB is comprehensive in its search and findings. The different types of SSL certificates and their latest info are fully discovered by CertDB. Experts can find recently registered domains, geographic location, soon to expire certificates, company names and many more


CertDB scans the internet regularly for certificate-driven data about websites, organizations and certificate issuers. It is accurate and continuously updated. CertDB generates big amounts of data for analysis and discovery of statistical and detailed information about specific companies, their business objectives and integration between them.

Best UI

User-friendly interface makes CertDB easy and favorite for companies and organizations. Entrepreneurs, marketers, and business analysts prefer CertDB because it is trouble-free and does not need IT specialists only for working on it. Developed by skilled, IT specialists and analysts SP*SE team, CertDB is the latest forever-free tool for organizations, students, entrepreneurs, tech geeks and e-commerce owners.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – digital certificate, encryption)

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