Anonymous and LulzSec target the Italian Police and doctors

Pierluigi Paganini May 23, 2019

In the last 10 days, the collectives of Anonymous and LulzSec continued their operations carrying out several cyber attacks.

The main objectives of the attacks carried out by Anonymous and LulzSec ITA were the Italian doctors and the Law enforcement agencies Forces, in particular, the Police and the Carabinieri. They protest against the abuses the Public Health, they want to raise the attention on the scandal of the mysterious deaths in the hospitals accused to have been covered by the authorities.

The Anonymous expresses resentment for the arrests of alleged members of the collective. The group calls the agents and the military to stand against the corrupt policies.

I decided, once again, to interview a representative of the collective of Anonymous and LulzSec:

Lulzsec Anonymous ITA

In recent weeks, you have published the data of the doctors working with public Healthcare. You are blaming them for a rotten system. Do you think it is correct? I know very well the dynamics of the public Health and I believe that Hippocrates is also a victim of the politics. Everyday many doctors work in frontier hospitals where their work is very hard and exposes them to serious risks.

Dear Livio we are not the ones who make all the grass a bundle, we hate fascists: p. As we have said before, we do not want to hit ordinary people, but our operations aim at calling them to fight against Hippocratic cases. They should all follow our example, and that should do anything that could reveal disgusting abuses that politics do, as you say said before.

In these days you carried out several attacks against the Italian law enforcement agencies. Let me tell you that in this case, you made a political choice. I understand that you are angry, but you have ignored that these servants of the State respond to government orders and everyday risk their lives for a few pennies. Did you have generalized too much in this case too?

Are you questioning again a political choice? … We also wrote it in our post, we know that we know how much a cop gets, and for this reason, he should be on this side of the barricades, but no! They continue to protect a murderer who is challenged at his rallies, and they beat students, elders, and women. Is the title of our post unclear?

Speaking of politics, what is the connection between you and the Pirate Party?

What is the Pirate Party?

Although you call yourself independent, from an ideological point of view you closer to the anarchist left, you share the same vision. What do you expect from European elections?

We hope that a policy of acceptance and humanity towards others will win. We are all children of the same land, with no boundaries of any kind. We act on the internet, which notoriously has never had borders.

It is true that the giants of the WEB are not your problem, but in Italy, we live in a very ambiguous situation, as always. One of the main parties, M5S, is opening to China with ZTE that inaugurated the first Cybersecurity center in Italy. Do you think national computer security should be shared with other nations? How do you judge current government policy on this strategic aspect?

As you said in the question Livio, (in Italy we live in a very ambiguous situation, as always, after all). What have we not sold? Should we wait for the ZTE ??? But LOOOOOL China already bought half Italy in the past, how many products and brands are no longer Italian!?! See the industrial huns of major cities like Florence, Milan, and here we could make a longer list of 5 starts LOL.

But these are things that the Chinese mafia has agreed with the Italian ones, we must be careful.

Have you ever thought of hanging a mouse and keyboard to serve the country in the light of the skills that you have?

Yes, each of us has thought about it at least a thousand times, especially for what we are risking. See, we protest and what they do?? They want to arrest us, lock us up in a cell believing that this will be the end of a nightmare. Our motto has always been: you can’t stop an idea !! And moreover, as the saying goes, it is better to die as a child with the hair on your ass than to die from big soldiers with burned ass hair, but here we are not talking about war, we are talking about burns caused by rubbing. We hope you understood the joke.

About the Author: Livio Varriale

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – LulzSec, anonymous)

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