Anonymous hit Russian Nuclear Institute and leak stolen data

Pierluigi Paganini February 28, 2022

Anonymous and other hacker groups that responded to the call to war against Russia continue to launch cyberattacks on gov organizations and businesses.

Anonymous and numerous hacker groups linked to the popular collective continue to launch cyber attacks against Russian and Belarussian government organizations and private businesses.

In the last few days massive DDoS attacks have taken offline numerous websites of Russian government entities, including the Duma and Ministry of Defense.

However, a cyber attack announced today by the Anonymous-linked group Network Battalion 65 could have serious consequences. The group claims to have compromised the Russian Nuclear Institute and released over 40.000 documents. Network Battalion 65 is also asking for support to translate the huge quantity of documents (written in Cyrillic) that could contain sensitive data and information that can be used for sabotage operations.

The research institute is tasked with monitoring the safety of nuclear plants in Russia, for this reason, the documents allegedly stolen by the group could contain sensitive data.

The news of the attack was re-launched through other Twitter accounts used by other groups linked to the Anonymous collective.

Today Anonymous also targeted websites belonging to Russian propaganda media, including TASS, Izvestia, Fontaka, RBC and Kommersant defacing them.

The collective also launched massive DDoS attacks against banks in Belarus, it took down the websites of the following banks:

Stay tuned …..

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – hacking, Anonymous)

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