Tor Browser 4.5 released! It comes with many improvements

Pierluigi Paganini May 02, 2015

Tor Browser 4.5 released! It comes with many improvements for security, privacy and usability. Download it to protect your online privacy.

Are you a frequent visitor of the deep web? Is the Tor Network a necessity for your online anonymity?

You must download the new release for the Tor Browser, Tor Browser 4.5, that was designed with a variety of improvements. The developers at the Tor Project have introduced a number of security, privacy and usability enhancements in the Tor Browser 4.5.

On the privacy front, the Tor Browser 4.5 improves the first party isolation feature that is designed to prevent third party company tracking online activities of the Tor users.

“First party isolation provides the property that third party advertisements, like buttons, and “mashup” content that is included on one site will only know about your activity on that site, and will not be able to match it to your activity while you are on any other site. In other words, with first party isolation, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ can’t track you around the entire web using their infamous like buttons.” reads a blog post about Tor Browser 4.5.

Additionally, the Tor Browser 4.5 improves the resolution and locale fingerprinting defenses, developers have disabled the device sensor and video statistics APIs.

On the security front, the Tor Browser 4.5 comes with a new Security Slider designed to provide a user-friendly vulnerability surface reduction and allow users to choice the proper security level.

Tor Browser 4.5 slider

The slider is available from the menu item “Privacy and Security Settings”.

“The Security Slider provides user-friendly vulnerability surface reduction – as the security level is increased, browser features that were shown to have a high historical vulnerability count in the iSec Partners hardening study are progressively disabled.” continues the post.

Another feature that enhances the security of the Tor Browser 4.5 is the digital signature of the Windows packages with a hardware token donated by DigiCert CA.

The Tor Browser 4.5 also introduces a new obfs4 obfuscation protocol, which improve resistance for DPI and probing and prevents automated scanning for Tor bridges.

The new Tor Browser 4.5 also cames with Disconnect search engine by default, which provides private Google search results without Captchas or bans.

Don’t waste time, download the new Tor Browser 4.5!

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Tor Browser 4.5, Deep Web)

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