117 Million LinkedIn credentials offered for sale

Pierluigi Paganini May 18, 2016

A hacker who goes by the name “Peace,” is offering 117 million LinkedIn credentials for 5 bitcoin, the precious data come from the 2012 hack.

According to Motherboard, a hacker who goes by the name “Peace,” is offering personal details of 117 million LinkedIn users for 5 bitcoin (around $2,200). The hacker is offering the data in the popular black marketplace The Real Deal, he confirmed to Motherboard that data results from the data breach suffered by LinkedIn in 2012.

LinkedIn credentials and Stolen Data

Following the hack, around 6.5 million encrypted passwords were leaked online, but clearly the incident has a greter magnitude.

“LinkedIn.com was hacked in June 2012 and a copy of data for 167,370,910 accounts has been obtained by LeakedSource which contained emails only and passwords. You can search the hacked LinkedIn.com database and many others on our main site. If you are in this database, contact us and we will remove you from our copy for free.” states LeakedSource who analyzed the archive that includes 167 million accounts, on them roughly 117 million have both emails and encrypted passwords.

According to LeakedSource, the precious archive was kept by a Russian hacker crew.

LeakedSource confirmed that the passwords were hashed with the SHA1 algorithm, with no “salt.”

“One of the operators of LeakedSource told Motherboard in an online chat that so far they have cracked “90% of the passwords in 72 hours.” reported  Lorenzo Bicchierai from Motherboard.

Giving a look to the top passwords in the LinkedIn credentials included in the archive we can notice that the top 5 are:

1 123456 753,305
2 linkedin 172,523
3 password 144,458
4 123456789 94,314
5 12345678 63,769

Every other comment is superfluous … shall we?

Of course, all the users that are still using the same credentials included in the archive are at risk and urge to change it as soon as possible.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – LinkedIn credentials, data breach)

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