Over 33 Million QIP.ru accounts hacked compromised in an old data breach

Pierluigi Paganini September 09, 2016

Another old and huge data breach was reported to LeakedSource, more than 33 million QIP records from 2011 have been compromised.

Once again we are here to discuss a data breach, the victim is the Russian instant messaging service Quiet Internet Pager (QIP.ru.). According to the breach notification service LeakedSource, the leaked dump includes details of more than 33 Million users and the data breach dates back to June 2011.


Records belonging to 33,383,392 Quiet Internet Pager (QIP) were disclosed by the same hacker that recently that leaked tens of millions of accounts stolen from several popular services, including the Russian web portal RamblerMail.ruLast.fm , Dota ,L inkedInMyspace, and VerticalScope.

Security experts from HEROIC who have analyzed the leaked confirmed that records include email addresses, usernames, and passwords in plain text.

The experts believe the archive dates back to 2009-2011, a close look at the compromised accounts reveals that one of three is associated with Mail.Ru email addresses, followed by Yandex (2.5 million), Rambler (2 million) and Gmail (925,000).

Also in this case, Top passwords are 123456, 123123, 111111 and 123456789.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – QIP,  data breach)

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