Security Affairs newsletter Round 83 – News of the week

Pierluigi Paganini October 23, 2016

A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived!

The best news of the week with Security Affairs.

First of all, let me inform you that at the #infosec16 SecurityAffairs was awarded as The Best European Personal Security Blog


The Mirai botnet is targeting also Sierra Wireless cellular data gear products
US is thinking of a possible cyber strike against the Kremlin
Security Affairs newsletter Round 82 – News of the week
Symantec observed a surge of spam emails using malicious WSF files
CryPy ransomware uses a unique Key for each encrypted file
Reading the ‘High Crime Trends 2016 Report from Group-IB
UK Police purchased IMSI-catcher technology for mobile surveillance
The new TrickBot Banking Trojan seems to have been developed by Dyre authors
NRSC hack – financial data of donors were sent to a Russian domain
Shadow Brokers launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise 10,000 bitcoins
Security audit reveals critical flaws in VeraCrypt, promptly fixed with a new release
Crooks exploit a zero-day in WordPress eCommerce Plugin to upload a backdoor
British banks downplay security breaches
The ‘Sin Card: How criminals unlocked a stolen iPhone 6S
Ops also the Trump Organization uses insecure e-mail servers
Magento card-swiping malware hides stolen card data in legitimate images
Political Cyberattacks: Senior Turkish Government Officials Affected by Advanced Malware
SQL Injection zero-day in component ja-k2-filter-and-search of Joomla
Ecuador confirms it cut Assange Internet due to US Election leaks
Czech police arrested a Russian hacker alleged involved in 2012 LinkedIn hack
Experts devised a method to capture keystrokes during Skype calls
Flaw in Intel CPUs could allow to bypass ASLR defense
FruityArmor APT exploited Windows Zero-Day flaws in attacks in the wild
Weebly data breach affected more than 43 million customers
The new Dirty COW Linux Kernel Exploit already used in attacks in the wild
Cyber Criminal can easily get access to your YesBank Internet Banking using stolen Debit/Credit Card Number and PIN
US contractor stole an astonishing quantity of data, including Equation Group tools
US users were not able to reach Twitter and other sites due to DDoS on Dyn DNS Service
Chinese hackers targeted officials visiting the USS Ronald Reagan vessel
Massive DDoS attack against Dyn DNS service, how and why
NewWorldHacking and Anonymous behind massive DDoS attack on Dyn DNS service
Indian Banks fear a security breach that affected up to 3.25 million cards
NewWorldHackers and Anonymous behind massive DDoS attack on Dyn DNS service

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