Bart malware

Pierluigi Paganini August 27, 2016
New Locky Ransomware variant uses DLLs for distribution

A new Locky Ransomware variant has been spotted by researchers at Cyren, it uses DLLs for distribution. The Locky Ransomware is one of the most popular threats since its first detection in the wild early 2016. The ransomware has evolved over the time, crooks have improved it adding new evasion detection features and changing the distribution methods. Security experts […]

Pierluigi Paganini June 30, 2016
Dridex and Locky authors revamped the Bart malware

The authors responsible for Dridex and Locky malware have recently made another appearance, this time with their latest release – Bart malware. Similar to other ransomware, infected users are notified of the compromise with their desktop backgrounds changed with a warning, confirming that their files have been encrypted and offering a number of URLs accessible […]