Pierluigi Paganini March 09, 2021
SUPERNOVA backdoor that emerged after SolarWinds hack is likely linked to Chinese actors

Supernova malware clues link Chinese threat group Spiral to SolarWinds server hacks Supernova malware spotted on compromised SolarWinds Orion installs exposed on the Internets is likely linked to a China-linked espionage group. Researchers at Secureworks’ counter threat unit (CTU) were investigating the exploit of SolarWinds servers to deploy the Supernova web shell when collected evidence […]

Pierluigi Paganini December 21, 2020
SUPERNOVA, a backdoor found while investigating SolarWinds hack

While investigating the recent SolarWinds Orion supply-chain attack security researchers discovered another backdoor, tracked SUPERNOVA. The investigation of the SolarWinds Orion supply-chain attack revealed the existence of another backdoor that was likely used by a separate threat actor. After the initial disclosure of the SolarWinds attack, several teams of researchers mentioned the existence of two […]