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Pierluigi Paganini May 16, 2021

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CISA MAR report provides technical details of FiveHands Ransomware
SQL injection issue in Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin exposes User Data
TsuNAME flaw exposes DNS servers to DDoS attacks
City of Tulsa, is the last US city hit by ransomware attack
City of Tulsa, is the latest US city hit by ransomware attack
FBI confirmed that Darkside ransomware gang hit Colonial Pipeline
Threat actors added thousands of Tor exit nodes to carry out SSL stripping attacks
WhatsApp will not deactivate accounts for not accepting new privacy terms
Apple was aware that XcodeGhost impacted 128 Million iOS Users in 2015
FBI and Australia ACSC agencies warn of ongoing Avaddon ransomware attacks
Google open sources cosign tool for verifying containers
Hackers target Windows users exploiting a Zero-Day in Reader
Researcher hacked Apple AirTag two weeks after its launch
FragAttacks vulnerabilities expose all WiFi devices to hack
How Companies Need to Treat User Data and Manage Their Partners
Maybe dont call Saul? Over 30,000 VoIP devices identifiable worldwide, some with suspected vulnerabilities
Microsoft Patch Tuesday for May 2021 fix 4 critical flaws
NSA and ODNI analyze potential risks to 5G networks
TeaBot Android banking Trojan targets banks in Europe
Biden signed executive order to improve the Nations Cybersecurity
Cisco fixes AnyConnect Client VPN zero-day disclosed in November
Security at Bay: Critical Infrastructure Under Attack
US CISA and FBI publish joint alert on DarkSide ransomware
Colonial Pipeline likely paid a $5M ransom to DarkSide
Darkside gang lost control of their servers and funds
Irelands Health Service Executive hit by ransomware attack
Magecart gang hides PHP-based web shells in favicons
Rapid7 says source code, credentials accessed as a result of Codecov supply-chain attack
Scheme flooding fingerprint technique may deanonymize Tor users

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Pierluigi Paganini

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