Classified documents from Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are available for sale

Pierluigi Paganini August 14, 2021

Emails allegedly stolen from the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are available for sale in a cybercrime forum, some emails include high-sensitive info.

An archive containing 1.6 million emails containing highly sensitive messages allegedly stolen from the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is available for sale on the RaidForums hacking forum.

Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The ad doesn’t include the price for the archives, but the seller claims that high demand for the stolen data is causing the increase in the price.

The government did not comment on the authenticity of the emails, but the seller leaked some documents and messages belonging to Lithuanian diplomatics as proof of the authenticity of the data,

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is unable to confirm the veracity of the information disseminated to the public and will not comment. We see this as an information attack by unfriendly countries” reads a statement published by the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The seller claims to have a 300GB archive of 102 Outlook Data File files (PST), it also added that some conversations are related to secret negotiations against U.S. President Biden, and preparation for the war with Belarus, including a “nuclear strike”.

The leaked documents are marked as secret, top-secret, and cosmic.

The seller also shared a list of employees at the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including personnel at some embassies.

The Ministry was the victim of a cyber attack in November last year, but it is unclear if the availability of data was linked to the intrusion. The attack was attributed to Russia-linked threat actors.

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda, believes that the two events are linked and that nation-state hackers have stoled sensitive data from its government.

“An investigation is ongoing, with no doubt, we well asses that damage done during this cyber attack. But there are certain signs showing that certain information leaked. And that information is deemed classified,” the president said in an interview with the news website.

The President also added that leaked documents “might cause serious damage, first of all, for allies”.

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Pierluigi Paganini

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