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Pierluigi Paganini October 24, 2021

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NATO releases its first strategy for Artificial Intelligence
Threat actors offer for sale data for 50 millions of Moscow drivers
Cisco SD-WAN flaw could lead to arbitrary code execution, patch it now!
Supply-chain attack on NPM Package UAParser, which has millions of daily downloads
Facebook SSRF Dashboard allows hunting SSRF vulnerabilities
Groove ransomware group calls on other ransomware gangs to hit US public sector
DarkSide ransomware operators move 6.8M worth of Bitcoin after REvil shutdown
FIN7 cybercrime gang creates fake cybersecurity firm to recruit pentesters for ransomware attacks
FiveSys, a new digitally-signed rootkit spotted by Bitdefender experts
Evil Corp rebrands their ransomware, this time is the Macaw Locker
A flaw in WinRAR could lead to remote code execution
Administrators of bulletproof hosting sentenced to prison in the US
US Bureau of Industry and Security bans export of hacking tools to authoritarian regimes
Top 5 Attack Vectors to Look Out For in 2022
YouTube creators’ accounts hijacked with cookie-stealing malware
PurpleFox botnet variant uses WebSockets for more secure C2 communication
Acer suffers a second data breach in a week
China-linked LightBasin group accessed calling records from telcos worldwide
Zerodium is looking for zero-day exploits in ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark Windows VPN clients
Experts found many similarities between the new Karma Ransomware and Nemty variants
Symantec uncovered a previously unknown nation-state actor, named Harvester, that targeted telcos
FBI, CISA, NSA published a joint advisory on BlackMatter ransomware operations
Trustwave released a free decryptor for the BlackByte ransomware
TeamTNT Deploys Malicious Docker Image On Docker Hub
Prometheus endpoint unprotected installs could expose sensitive data
Sinclair TV stations downtime allegedly caused by a ransomware attack
REvil ransomware operation shuts down once again
Experts spotted an Ad-Blocking Chrome extension injecting malicious ads
Experts hacked a fully patched iOS 15 running on iPhone 13 at China’s Tianfu Cup hacking contest
Twitch security breach had minimal impact, the company states

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Pierluigi Paganini

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