Anonymous launched its offensive on Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine

Pierluigi Paganini February 25, 2022

The popular collective Anonymous declared war on Russia for the illegitimate invasion of Ukraine and announced a series of cyber attacks calling to action its members

The Anonymous collective is calling to action against Russia following the illegitimate invasion of Ukraine. The famous groups of hackivists is also calling for action Russian citizens inviting them to express their dissent to Putin.

“The Anonymous collective is officially in” cyber war “against the Russian government.” This was announced directly by the international network of hackers through their twitter account.

The collective has already started a campaign aimed at Russian Federation and warned that private organizations will be more impacted.

The first attacks carried by the group hit news sites used by Moscow for its propaganda, including Russia Today, which was taken offline by the offensive.

“We, as a collective want only peace in the world. We want a future for all of humanity. So, while people around the globe smash your internet providers to bits, understand that it’s entirely directed at the actions of the Russian government and Putin.” continues the group on Twitter. “Put yourself in the shoes of the Ukrainians being bombed right now. Together we can change the world, we can resist anything. It is time for the Russian people to unite and say no to Vladimir Putin’s war. We are Anonymous. We are a legion. Wait for us.” reads the Anounymous’s announcement.”, a Russia-owned media outlet confirmed that it was hit by a massive denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. 

Experts also reported that the attacks hit the website of the Kremlin and State Duma lower house of parliament causing intermittent interruptions.

The call to action will likely attract Ucraine and foreign cybersecurity experts that could join in different way in the cyber dispute.

“Yegor Aushev, the co-founder of a cybersecurity company in Kyiv, told the news outlet that offensive volunteers will conduct digital espionage against Russian forces, while defensive volunteers will help protect the country’s infrastructure.” reported FoxNews.

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Pierluigi Paganini

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