Anonymous continues to support Ukraine against Russia

Pierluigi Paganini March 17, 2022

The collective Anonymous and its affiliated groups continue to target the Russian government and private organizations.

The collective Anonymous, and other groups in its ecosystem, continue to target the Russian government and private organizations.

Let’s summarize the most interesting attacks observed in the last few days.

Yesterday Anonymous announced the hack of the website of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia, the hackers defaced them and published the message:

“Don’t trust the Russian media – they are lying”, “Full information about the war in Ukraine” and “Russia’s default is imminent”.

Anonymous also claimed to have hacked the Russian Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation, which is a Russian state corporation that specializes in nuclear energy, nuclear non-energy goods and high-tech products. The group has stolen data from the organization and started leaking Gigabytes of data.

The hacktivists continue to target the Russian propaganda condemning the censorship imposed by Moscow. Recently, one of the collectives set up a website to randomly send emails, SMS messages, and Instant messaging messages to Russian citizens to inform them of the atrocity of the Russian invasion.

The hacktivists also attempted to interfere with Russian military communications on the battlefield, recently they captured and shared Russian Military unencrypted High Frequency and morse code communications.

The group also continues to share access to thousands of network cameras from Russia and Belarus:

Early this week, the GhostSec group announced to have seized more than 100 Russian government and military printers.

Stay tuned!

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – hacking, Anonymous)

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