OpSaveGaza , Anonymous paralized Mossad website with a DDoS

Pierluigi Paganini August 01, 2014

Members of the group of hacktivists Anonymous have coordinated a major Distributed Denial of Service attack early this morning as part of the #OpSaveGaza.

Anonymous, the popular collective of hacktivists, has taken down the official website of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad as announced through a tweet from one of its numerous accounts.
Obviously the collective is protesting against the Israeli politics and its attacks on Gaza, which are causing numerous victims, including innocent civilians. In time I’m writing the government of Israel hasn’t yet commented the cyber attack on the Mossad website.
Anonymous was able to take down the Mossad’s website in a Distributed Denial of Service attack early morning as part of the #OpSaveGaza,  the DDoS attack is severe, access to mossad.gov.il was interrupted at 00:40 GMT this morning, and the website is still down at the time of writing.
OpSaveGaza Anonymous hacking
The members of Anonymous have started the cyber attacks against different Israeli organizations concurrently with the escalation of the events in Gaza, recently an Anonymous member had been killed by Israeli Defence Forces (IDF). Tayeb Abu Shehada is the name of the hacktivist killed during the disorders in Huwara near Nablus, he was wearing the classic Guy Fawkes mask.
I avoid to show you the photo with his bloody mask that is circulating on the Internet, because I feel pain in knowing that a young man of any ideology lost their lives in this way.
The OpSaveGaza is going on, new Israeli websites will be hit, “thousands” of them have been already attacked, including Israel’s Defence Ministry and the Tel Aviv Police websites. In one of the recent attacks the members of Anonymous collective disclosed 170 credentials which it claimed belonged to Israeli officials.

We are calling upon the Anonymous collective, and the elite hacker groups to join our crusade, and to wage cyber war against the state of Israel once more,” “As a collective ‘Anonymous’ does not hate Israel, it hates that Israel’s government is committing genocide & slaughtering unarmed people in Gaza to obtain more land at the border.” “Palestine will be liberated, and Israel will suffer the same fate Palestine has been suffering for decades under their brutal and savaging regime. No matter how dark it may seem, or how alone you may be, always remember that there are endless warriors that are operating tirelessly around the clock to stand with you, to aid you, to both fight and protect you in these unjustified acts.” reprts a public statement published PasteBin last week.

The #OpSaveGaza is just the last campaign Anonymous organized against the Government of Israel, very popular was the operation #OpIsrael which hit Israeli websites a couple of years ago.

Stay Tuned for further updates.

Pierluigi Paganini

Security Affairs –  (Anonymous, hacktivists, OpSaveGaza)

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