Pierluigi Paganini March 12, 2015

European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) reported identity thefts to Skype, but the company refused to take down the fake account.

Skype refused to take down a fake account after it was notified by the European Centre for Information Policy and Security, ECIPS that it was hosting two fake accounts in the name of the President of the ECIPS.

Investigative journalism found two fake accounts on Skype using the name of the President of the ECIPS.

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When notified, Skype simply responded that they can’t take down the accounts due to a lack of proof, but to the contrary, World News found that evidence strongly indicates that this statement by Skype seems simply to be bogus and incorrect.

World News Tomorrow decided to investigate and found that the name used for one of the fake accounts were a company name that directly indicated somebody tried to pretend to be the President of ECIPS using his name on Skype. Skype went on to write:

“Please be informed that our name is simply not a unique one all over the world and so, we cannot hide the fact that there are a lot of Display name which is same as mine.”

It seems that Skype has it all wrong since WNT news did a random check and found that there is only one legal ID with that exact same name and that happens to be that of the President of ECIPS. It could be no mistake that somebody tried to steal the ID and pretended to be the President of ECIPS online. The ECIPS urged all public to only call the ECIPS official legal numbers on their website that has any engagements to speak to the President of ECIPS.

It further said that it is launching an international investigation into the critical management of how Skype could think it’s not important to pay attention to the fullest scale. The ECIPS is the hosting founding organization for CYBERPOL mandated to investigate international cyber crime.

The ECIPS’s legal team spokesperson advocate Claudio Lucena of the ECIPS said that Skype would be liable should they fail to take down these two fake accounts in the name of the President of ECIPS and could face charges should they fail to pay attention.

There has been of 481 000 public reports of fake Skype accounts and ID theft of which very little were paid attention to. According to financial analysts this could hugely inflate the value of Skype and is something that concerns every European Skype user and investor.

Skype online has no public contact phone number nor official fax making it very difficult to report such crimes. According to the European regulations, all firms within the European Union including those based in Luxemburg should have official contact number and address for official uses.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs –  Skype, ECIPS)

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