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Pierluigi Paganini July 12, 2015

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Anonymous India hacked BSNL website and compromised more than 30 Million records
Cisco Unified CDM platform open to cyber attacks
Argentine finds messenger to shoot after e-vote vuln allegations
China hacks everything that doesnt move says Hilary Clinton
Surveillance firm Hacking Team hacked
Argentina finds messenger to shoot after e-vote vuln allegations
MasterCard is testing selfies to replace passwords for online payments
New Zealand approves Harmful Digital Communications Bill against cyberbullying
Surveillance firm Hacking Team hacked [Updated]
KINS Malware Builder Leaked on numerous crime forums
IoT Flaw Discoveries Not Impactful–Yet
Hacked Hacking Team: Spyware torrentblurts list of govt customers
Traffic in Tor network is being sniffed in the exit nodes
Adobe to Patch Hacking Team Zero Day in Flash
Adobe Zero-Day Exploits leaked in Hacking Team hack
Critical DoS Bug in Node.js, io.js Patched
Security Experts Warn Against Encryption Backdoors
The Rise Of Social Media Botnets
Adobe to patch Flash 0-Day created by Hacking Team
Fords 400,000-car recall could be the tip of an auto security iceberg
GhostShell back from the other side with mass data dump
Dutch MEP whacks Hacking Team over embargo-busting
Sophos discovered new tricks to poison Google Search engine
NYSE, United Airlines, WSJ contemporary down, cyber attacks or incidents?
Morpho, the financially motivated espionage target giant firms
Link farmers bust Google search algos
NSA snooped on German chancellors for DECADES: Wikileaks
VXers charge Nintendo fans then p0wn their data
Hacking Team Flash Zero-Day exploits are being used in the wild
IS Hackers Take Down Syria War Monitor Site
The Role of the Board In Cybersecurity: Learn, Ensure, Inspect
Lizard Squad kid who hacked 50 THOUSAND computers swerves jail
5 security tips to defeat cybervillains at Comic-Con 2015
Hacking Team Plans to Continue Operations
Google to Fix Address Spoofing Bug in Chrome
Wild Neutron – Economic espionage threat actor returns with new tricks
Dyre times ahead: Zeus-style trojan slurps your banking login creds
Meet the hackers who break into Microsoft and Apple to steal insider info
Cybercriminal Group Spying On US, European Businesses For Profit
Chinas New Cybersecurity Law Sparks Censorship Concerns
Linux, Apache, MySQL is all that evil XKeyscore needs to control the world
Hacker Search Engine Becomes the New Internet of Things Search Engine
Android malware masquerades as Nintendo game emulator
Healthcare needs more IT security pros – stat
IDG Contributor Network: Think your website isn’t worth anything to hackers? Think again
KILL FLASH WITH FIRE until a patch comes: Hacking Team exploit is in the wild
Too Busy For Round Wheels?
Lizard Squad kid bandit who did 50 THOUSAND HACKS dodges cooler stint
Shodan, the Google of the Internet of Things
Hackers give orders to a German Patriot missile system
Hacking Team werent completely stoopid – they read El Reg!
OPM hack results in 21.5 million people being exposed to an unknown party
Flaw in Android Backup System Enables Injection of Malicious Apps
One MEEELLION users download Facebook-pwning droid game
How a Russian hacker made $45,000 selling a zero-day Flash exploit to Hacking Team
Sednit APT Group Meets Hacking Team
A review of the Kofer Ransomware Campaign
Papa dont breach: Wannabe singer jailed for hacking Madonna
Top US Official Quits After Massive Government Hack
How To Make Internet Voting Secure
Wekby APT attacks leverage Hacking Team exploits
The Pirate Bay Founders Free Of Criminal Copyright Case
UK to ban messaging applications under a new law
Three UK politicians hacked while using open WiFi networks

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