Security Affairs newsletter Round 75 – News of the week

Pierluigi Paganini August 28, 2016

A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived!

The best news of the week with Security Affairs.

First of all let me inform you that at the #infosec16 SecurityAffairs was awarded as The Best European Personal Security Blog


Bitcoins move from the seized SilkRoad wallet to the ShadowBrokers
Security Affairs newsletter Round 74 – News of the week
Twitter suspended 235,000 accounts belonging to the ISIS in 6 months
3D models based on Facebook images can fool Facial recognition systems
The US DoE has awarded $34 million projects to secure the power grid
BHU Wi-Fi router, it is really too easy to hack these network devices
Members call for a Tor General Strike and shut down Tor for a day
New Gozi Campaigns Target Global Brands with sophisticated features
Epic Games forums hacked again, thousands of account logins stolen
Hacker Interviews – C aka @NotCracka
IoT – Shocking : How your home sockets could aid in Cyber attacks
Linux.Rex.1, a new Linux Trojan the creates a P2P Botnet
Navis WebAccess app used by US Ports is affected by a SQL injection flaw
The Equation Groups exploit ExtraBacon works on newer Cisco ASA
Europol Operation Daylight, arrested 75 suspects for sharing child sex images
ATMs in Thailand hacked by a cybercrime gang linked to Taiwan theft
vBulletin vulnerabilities exposed more than 27 million users records
Linux.PNScan Trojan is back to compromise routers and install backdoors
Cisco Updates ASA Software to fix the Equation Groups EXTRABACON exploit
WhatsApp will share your data with Facebook. How to say no?
Secret data on DCNS Scorpene submarines leaked online, it could be a disaster.
Apple fixed Zero-Days flaws exploited by nation-state spyware
Mozilla launched the Observatory tool to test the security of websites
New Locky Ransomware variant uses DLLs for distribution
Opera warns Opera Sync users of possible security breach

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