Registral Function of the State Mexico (FREM) hacked. Shad0wS3C is back

Pierluigi Paganini November 23, 2016

The hacker group Shad0wS3C is back and hacked the Institute of the Registral Function of the State Mexico (FREM), it leaked the database.

Shad0wS3C is Back and hacked the Institute of the Registral Function of the State Mexico (FREM) and leaked a dump of its database.

The hacker leaked the database at the following URL


The archive includes three files containing personal information of the users, including passport info and other sensitive details.

In the past, Shad0wS3C was an hacktivist group, it seems to have changed its mission and started hacking without any specific political motivation.

Its member Gh0s7, told me that the FREM data breach is just an anticipation of future attacks.

“This leak is just a simple demonstration for our future attacks. We will be leaking more gov and private corps.” Gh0s7 told me.

The group launched a targeted attack, the first of a new wave that aims to hit government servers and corporations worldwide.

The hackers have a list of targets composed of gov and private servers to hack.

This is their “black list.”

Hackers did not reveal details of the data breach, they simply told me to have used a “private exploit.”

The last time hack in order of time made by Shad0wS3C is the Paraguay’s Secretary of National Emergency (SNE) data breach occurred in August. The hackers leaked online a dump from a PostgreSQL database also in this case.

Stay Tuned.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Gh0s7, FREM)

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