DDoS Tools availability Online, a worrisome trend

Pierluigi Paganini July 20, 2017

Experts warn of an increased availability of DDoS tools online, many wannabe hackers download and use them without awareness on consequences.

As cyber crime reaches new levels with new malware & viruses being realized online on a daily basis it also becomes apparent that the increase in DDoS tools that require no apparent skills to use them, just providing the IP address it is possible to launch the attack. These tools are becoming more and more available on the Internet.

We are all aware of the effects of a DDOS attack can have on a company not only rendering their website inaccessible, but also causing a loss in online revenue & sales.

With the release of such applications comes the added threat of users knowingly allowing backdoors to their computer systems to allow the creators access to your device to continue attacks in your absence. Not only does a back door in a system allow the distributor access but also anyone else who finds the vulnerability.

The main concern is that in general many young people are downloading and using theses tools but also the fact that they are told under false illusions to use them and believe they are safe in taking part in denial of service attacks on high profile sites including government domains causing sites to go offline and un reachable.

It’s very important nowadays to be aware of what your children are downloading on the Internet and that you only install applications that are from verified software companies and scanned before install or execution.

These groups are spreading their vulnerable applications through more and more blatant means on mainstream social media were most younger generations reside on the web.

( I am not going to advise on how to use denial of service and stay anonymous but I can assure the application you installed is not protecting you it’s infecting your system. )

Please see the below DDoS tools & applications found by our cyber research division at Frontline Cyber Security Ltd in a short search over some popular social media sites (Mention No Names). We were seeing how easily accessible DDOS tools are to the general web user.

Distributed denial of service application’s found ( Details removed of download links please contact us if you are a researcher / analyst. )

  • LOIC RedCult Edition – RiskwareAgent – MD5 609db4b9154f9aee29a5ceb775bec655
  • RedCult Doser – Loic.7 – MD5 6d0abacacd4393f9b3e30b2ed3be316e
  • RC Doors – Malware.SDi.5EDF – MD5 b1465ff2711b3cc9c4c8faf414354e7d
  • exe – Win32.DarkKomet – MD5 606aeb40c65070d234e1617d1ab257ff
  • ddos_android – Android.SpyAgent – MD5 c99ccf4d61cefa985d94009ad34f697f

Here is an image of the Android application running fill out a few boxes and click send.

DDoS tools online

We also obtained a list of targets theses applications were released to attack and have also managed to collect screen shots of the tools in use against government sites.

Below are some images of the application being used in what appears to be one of many Anonymous Operations in this case #OpIsrael.

We have a list of servers the tool was designed to attack but are unable to post it at this time.

The below image shows the application being shared and distributed

In regards to the above DDoS tools, the relevant authorities have been notified and are assisting in having them removed.

About the Author: Frontline Cyber Security Ltd


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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – DDoS tools, hacking)

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