VirusTotal presents the visualization tool ‘VirusTotal Graph’

Pierluigi Paganini January 10, 2018

VirusTotal announced the availability of a visualization tool, dubbed VirusTotal Graph, designed to help with malware analysis.

The VirusTotal Graph should allow investigators working with multiple reports at the same time, to try to pivot between multiple data points (files, URLs, domains and IP addresses). The observation of the connections across different samples of malware could allow investigators to collect more events from different cases.

“VirusTotal receives a large number of files and URLs every day, and each of them is analyzed by AVs and other tools and sandboxes to extract information about them. This information is critical for our ecosystem, as it connects the dots and makes clear the connections between entities.” states VirusTotal

“It is common to pivot over many data points (files, URLs, domains and IP addresses) to get the full picture of your investigation, and this usually involves looking at multiple reports at the same time. We know this can be complicated when you have many open tabs, therefore, we’ve developed VirusTotal Graph.”  

The tool VirusTotal Graph is based on VirusTotal’s data set and was designed to visualize them in a single graphical interface relationship between files, URLs, domains and IP addresses. The graph is navigable, making easier for malware researchers the investigation of malicious codes.

Virus Total Graph

Analysts can build their own network by exploring and expanding each of the nodes in the graph.

The tool includes a search box, node summary section, node expansion section that allows correlation of the information from more entities, node action menu, detection dropdown, and a node list.

VirusTotal also allows users to save the graphs they generated, as well as to share their findings with other users. All saved graphs are public and also linked in VirusTotal public reports of files, URLs, IP addresses or domains that appear in the graph.

“We feel the community will benefit from this intelligence. We understand that there are scenarios where a higher degree of privacy is needed, and we are working on a solution — expect to see some news around it soon,” VirusTotal concludes. 

The complete documentation is available at

Virus Total also published two videos that shows main features implemented in the tool.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs –  VirusTotal Graph, malware)

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