malvertising campaign

Pierluigi Paganini December 31, 2022
Malvertising campaign MasquerAds abuses Google Ads

Experts warn of a new Malvertising Campaign abusing Google Ads that targets users searching for popular software. Guardio Labs researchers uncovered a malvertising campaign, tracked as MasquerAds and attributed to a threat actor known as Vermux, that is abusing Google Ads to target users that are searching for popular software. The campaign aims at delivering […]

Pierluigi Paganini July 24, 2019
Malvertising campaign exploits recently disclosed WordPress Plugin flaws

Experts at Defiant have uncovered a campaign that exploited recently disclosed plugin vulnerabilities to inject malware into websites. Experts at Defiant, the company that developed the Wordfence security plugin for WordPress, uncovered a malvertising campaign that leverages recently disclosed plugin flaws to inject malicious code into websites. Threat actors behind the malvertising campaign are leveraging […]

Pierluigi Paganini January 22, 2018
Op EvilTraffic CSE CybSec ZLAB Malware Analysis Report – Exclusive, tens of thousands of compromised sites involved in a new massive malvertising campaign

Malware experts at CSE Cybsec uncovered a massive malvertising campaign dubbed EvilTraffic leveraging tens of thousands compromised websites. Crooks exploited some CMS vulnerabilities to upload and execute arbitrary PHP pages used to generate revenues via advertising. In the last days of 2017, researchers at CSE Cybsec observed threat actors exploiting some CMS vulnerabilities to upload […]

Pierluigi Paganini October 09, 2017
KovCoreG group spreading Kovter Malware via fake browser and Flash updates

Security experts from Proofpoint have uncovered a malvertising actor named KovCoreG group that is spreading the Kovter malware via fake browser and Flash updates. Security researchers from Proofpoint have uncovered a malvertising group dubbed KovCoreG that is spreading the Kovter malware via fake browser and Flash updates. The Kovter malware is used in Ad fraud campaigns, victims were infected by simply clicking […]