Sardonic backdoor

Pierluigi Paganini July 18, 2023
FIN8 Group spotted delivering the BlackCat Ransomware

The cybercrime group FIN8 is using a revamped version of the Sardonic backdoor to deliver the BlackCat ransomware. The financially motivated group FIN8 (aka Syssphinx) was spotted using a revamped version of a backdoor tracked as Sardonic to deliver the BlackCat ransomware (aka Noberus ransomware). Sardonic is a sophisticated backdoor that supports a wide range of features that was designed […]

Pierluigi Paganini August 25, 2021
FIN8 group used a previously undetected Sardonic backdoor in a recent attack

Financially motivated threat actor FIN8 employed a previously undocumented backdoor, tracked as ‘Sardonic,’ in recent attacks. The financially motivated threat actor FIN8 has been observed employing a previously undetected backdoor, dubbed Sardonic, on infected systems. The new backdoor was spotted by researchers from cybersecurity firm Bitdefender, it was discovered while investigating an unsuccessful attack carried […]