Launched OSSISNa, the Observatory for the Protection of the National Strategic Industrial System

Pierluigi Paganini December 17, 2020

On 11th December 2020, the Observatory for the Protection of the National Strategic Industrial System (OSSISNa) was officially announced.

On 11th December 2020, during the international scientific conference on CBRNe events “SICC 2020”, the Observatory for the Protection of the National Strategic Industrial System (OSSISNa) was officially presented.

OSSISNa is a project created within the Italian Center for Strategy and Intelligence (CISINT) and it is aimed at studying issues concerning the protection of strategic industrial assets (companies and supply chains), which are fundamental for the State and for social well-being, constantly exposed to global threats.


The observatory is a team of national experts from the institutional, industrial and academic world.

The main activities concern the elaboration of studies and in-depth analyses with particular attention to crisis scenarios (health emergencies, sabotage and terrorism actions, recessive socio-economic situations, natural disasters, environmental accidents, warfare events, etc.) that may affect the integrity and operational capacity of the Italian strategic industrial system.

In such a period, severely marked by the Covid-19 emergency, OSSISNa aims to provide methodological support for improving the capabilities of protection and operational continuity related to the so-called “strategic supply chains”.

These are mainly SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), often grouped into districts of excellence, which operate in the subcontracting chains of products, technologies and value-added activities for big corporates, that produce goods and services of primary general interest.

The observatory also provides the definition and implementation of academic courses for training and professional updating related to the protection of strategic industrial assets, jointly with universities and industrial districts.

By promoting SME best practices in terms of protection and business continuity, OSSISNa wants to provide a contribution to the national policies for the implementation of the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” promoted by the United Nations, in which its “goal 9” aims at developing reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructures.

University bodies and important corporates have already joined the project, since interested in actively promoting the issue about the protection of strategic assets, constituting a permanent forum in OSSISNa where to debate and propose effective solutions for strengthening the national industrial system.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – hacking, OSSISNa)

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