Avast releases free decrypters for AtomSilo and LockFile ransomware families

Pierluigi Paganini October 27, 2021

Security firm Avast released today decryptors for AtomSilo and LockFile ransomware that allow victims to recover their files for free.

Cyber security firm Avast has released today decryption utilities for AtomSilo and LockFile ransomware that allow the victims to recover their files for free.

Experts pointed out that AtomSilo and LockFile ransomware only have a few minor differences, for this reason, AVAST provides a single decryptor.

On Oct 17, 2021, researcher Jiří Vinopal announced to have cracked the AtomSilo ransomware by exploiting a vulnerability that allowed him to decrypt files without paying the ransom.

Later he announced to have cracked the LockFile ransomware strain.

“Both the AtomSilo and LockFile ransomware strains are very similar to each other and except for minor differences, this description covers both of them.” reads the post published by AVAST. “We prepared our very own free Avast decryptor for both the AtomSilo and LockFile strains.”

Avast AtomSilo decryptor-wizard-001

Avast highlights a limitation of the decryption process because its Avast AtomSilo decryptor relies on a known file format in order to verify that the file was successfully decrypted. This implies that some files, such as files with proprietary or unknown format, may not be decrypted.

Avast has released today a decryption tool for Babuk ransomware that allows victims to recover their files for free. The decryptor was created using the leaked source code and decryption keys.

Avast released a free decryptor for the Babuk ransomware here.

Researchers from Bleeping Computer tested the decryptor and determined that it “will likely work only for victims whose keys were leaked as part of the Babuk source code dump.”

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Pierluigi Paganini

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