Drug overdose has Killed Barnaby Jack according the autopsy

Pierluigi Paganini January 05, 2014

Barnaby Jack is dead of an accidental drug overdose according the results provided by the San Francisco’s medical examiner’s office.

Who or what killed Barnaby Jack? The answer is overdosing on drugs according to the results of the autopsy conducted by the San Francisco Medical Examiner’s Office on Friday.

Barnaby Jack was a famous hacker, he died in San Francisco on July 2013 just a week before he was due to illustrate the method for hacking implanted heart devices from 30 feet away. He was scheduled to demonstrate the possibility to force a pacemaker to deliver a lethal electric jolt to the victim.

Jack has served as director of embedded device security for IOActive, he was considered one of the maximum expert to find vulnerabilities into embedded equipments such as medical devices and banking machines.

Famous was the presentation of jackpotting hack in 2010, a method to force ATMs to spit out cash.


The San Francisco Medical Examiner omitted other details on the death of the young hacker.

Clearly, such a death is difficult to accept, how can a great mind to make such a mistake?
Many do not believe the version provided by the autopsy, Barnaby Jack was a talented hacker who was coveted by private industry, but also by the Intelligence.
Hackers have taken a crucial role in every sector, mainly due to the activities of Intelligence and Defense.
And if he was killed? It ‘happened in the U.S. and the doctors who drafted the autopsy report are Americans and it’s normal that someone have doubts on the U.S. Intelligence devastated by the revelation based on the document leaked by Snowden.

A medical report obtained by The Verge states that there was “evidence of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drug use” surrounding the body.

Barnaby Jack Autopsy doc

At this point the only thing that makes sense is that a young man flew away, talk of conspiracies have no foundations.
It is painful to look at your photo and think that you can no longer enlighten us with your knowledge, you can no longer comfort us with your smile.

Pierluigi Paganini

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