Is the US cyber command ready for Information Warfare?

Pierluigi Paganini April 16, 2015

A Government spokesman confirmed the US Government is supporting the growth for its cyber command but it is not yet ready to repel any cyber attacks.

The US are among the most advanced countries in Information Warfare, Obama administration considers strategic the dominance of the country in the cyber space.

The US Government established in 20o9 its military cyber command in order to defend the country from cyber attacks. Since the creation of the cyber army cyber threats have evolved in significant way and practically every government is investing its cyber capabilities.

Information warfare is strategic for almost every government, North Korea, Russia, China, Danmark are among the countries that are more investing to improve their cyber capabilities, and of course, the governments belonging to the Five Eyes alliance.

The US Department of Defense announced that it plans to hire 3,000 cyber experts that will support the US Cyber Command, the new units will be added by the end of 2015, doubling its resources by 2016.

US Cyber Command

Despite the huge effort of the US Government we cannot consider the infrastructure of the country totally secure and the risk of a major cyber attack is concrete.

The military cyber command, created in 2009, lacks the means to lead an offensive campaign in a fast-moving digital conflict, said Eric Rosenbach, the Pentagon’s principal adviser on cyber security.

Asked by Senator Bill Nelson if the US cyber command lacks the computer network infrastructure to carry out a cyber offensive “effectively,” the Pentagon’s principal adviser on cyber security Eric Rosenbach explained:

“Yes, they currently do not have a robust capability.”

I believe that the sentence should be analyzed with caution, the approach of the member of the US government is precautionary due to the difficulty to put in place all the necessary countermeasures against dynamic and complex cyber threats.

According to Rosenbach the US Government has the necessary resources and funds for its cyber army, but the US still has technical and manpower problems to solve.

The US Cyber command, according the Snowden‘s revelations, is continually improving its offensive capabilities that could target infrastructures of a foreign enemy, “but in a very precise and confined way” and respecting the legal framework in warfare matter.

Pentagon chief Ashton Carter is reviewing a new cyber strategy for the military that is coming soon, he also declared that the Obama administration is ready to support more investment in cyber security for its Cyber Command as needed,

The cyber security is a primary goal for the US Government, despite budget cuts in the military expense, Washington it continuing to invest in cyber security.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs –  US Cyber Command, Information Warfare)

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