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Pierluigi Paganini May 24, 2015

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Chinese hackers hit Penn State University, 18K people impacted
ISIS – Cyber Caliphate hackers are threatening Electronic War
Use privacy software if you want to be safe from Facebook, warns watchdog
German Spy Agency Helped US Find Bin Laden: Report
Russian Sony PS4 crack offered by Brazil merchants
Are Artificial Pancreas vulnerable to cyber attacks?
PANIC! RSA keys are compromised!
No restrictions for the GCHQ. UK government rewrites its hacking law ‘quietly’
Expo 2015 – Anonymous has stolen 1TB data from Best Union ticketing service
Screech! Grand Theft Auto V malware mods warning
New Intel Security study shows that 97% of people can’t identify phishing emails
Researchers, IEEE Release Medical Device Security Guidelines
Experts Urge InfoSec Info Sharing At Columbia-GCIG Conference
Robots.txt tells hackers the places you dont want them to look
The Naikon APT, one of the most active APTs in Asia
Alleged plane hacker said he pierced Boeing jet’s firewall in 2012
How hackers use Robots txt to harvest information
South Korea mandates spyware installation on teenagers smartphones
Rombertik destroys the MBR to prevent unauthorized use of the malware
A severe URL Spoofing flaw affects the Apple Safari Browser
President Urged to Reject Mandatory Backdoors
Malvertising Leads to Magnitude Exploit Kit, Ransomware Infection
Popular GTA V mods come with unwanted malware
St. Louis Federal Reserve Falls Victim to DNS Hijack
What a new survey on payment solutions reveals about your security leadership
Google Fixes Sandbox Escape in Chrome
Russia will fork Sailfish OS to shut out pesky Western spooks
Hard-coded credentials placing dental offices at risk
Hacking Airplanes: No One Benefits When Lives Are Risked To Prove A Point
Unknown Hackers hit systems at Bundestag
Airbus warns of A400M software bug
We caught Chinese technology spies RED-HANDED claims US government
Hackers pop submarine cable operator Pacnet, probe internal networks
Manchester car park lock hack leads to horn-blare hoo-ha
Apple Releases Patches For a Watch
Business continuity and disaster recovery planning: The basics
Millions of Routers open to attack due to a NetUSB flaw
Google Patches 37 Security Bugs With Release of Chrome 43
Researchers design ‘decoy password’ system to fool hackers
Airbus – Be aware a software bug in A400M can crash the plane
DDoS Attacks on the rise in Q1 2015, says Akamai
Retailers take 197 Days on Average to Identify Security Breaches
We caught Chinese technology spies RED-HANDED, claims US government
The Naikon APT and the MsnMM Campaigns
SQL Attack Results in Breach of Telstra-Owned Telecom Pacnet
CareFirst data breach affects about 1.1M people
Hundreds of Cloud Services Potentially Vulnerable to Logjam Attacks: Skyhigh
Hacker launches ransomware rescue kit
eNom discloses DNS attack to customers
Malicious version of PuTTY is spreading in the wild
IRRITANT HORN – NSA plan to Hijack Google Play Store to serve spyware
Data Encryption In The Cloud: Square Pegs In Round Holes
Adult Friend Finder confirms data breach 3.5 million records exposed
Snowden latest: NSA planned sneak attacks on Android app stores
Chinese Army newspaper calls for military role in Internet culture war
Flawed Android Factory Reset Failed to Clear Private Data from Smartphones
Nordic Countries an Attractive Target for APT Groups, Cybercriminals: FireEye
NSA Planned Hack of Google App Store
eBay Fixes Reflected File Download Flaw
Database of 4 million Adult Friend Finder users leaked for all to see
New relay selection fix for Tor to spoil spooks fun (eventually)
Cyber Threat Analysis: A Call for Clarity
Criminals are using SVG Files to serve malware
Hacking Virginia State Trooper Cruisers
The wider world of security research output: webinars
Who are best European Security Blogs? Why they Excluded Security Affairs?
eBay promptly fixed a reflected file download vulnerability
Astoria — Advanced Tor Client Designed to Avoid NSA Attacks
Adult FriendFinder hack EXPOSES MEELLIONS of MEMBERS
Adult FriendFinder dating site hack exposes million users
Astoria, the Tor client designed to beat the NSA surveillance

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