Black marketplace – 50c buys login for stolen media accounts

Pierluigi Paganini December 02, 2015

It is Christmas time and sellers are offering a wide number of products and services in the Black marketplace. 50c buys login for stolen media accounts.

Cyber criminals are offering for sale ‘lifetime’ Netflix, HBO, and cable sports streaming accounts for low prices.

Sellers of the on the AlphaBay Marketplace, a black marketplace hosted on the Tor network, the accounts are offered for less than US$10.

Premium sports accounts are sold for about $10, streaming TV goes for as low as 50 cents, less than the $10 monthly subscription, a Marvel Unlimited lifetime account for 50 cents.

Black marketplace stolen accounts in the underground

A recent report published by McAfee , entitled The Hidden Data Econonomy provided details of the sales, including a price-list for a number of products.

The sellers on the underground market are offering any kind of product, including, ComCast Xfinity, Uber,  Premium Spotify, paid pornography accounts, Apple, and Lynda training video accounts. A specific vendor with the pseudonymous SkypeMan has sold more than 5300 Spotify accounts since September for less than $2 each, and nearly 517 Xfinity accounts for $4 in the same period.

Sellers always suggest maintaining login credentials, any password changes will trigger alert and lock out the buyer.

It’s Christmas Time, many sellers started special offers on some products such as the stolen credit card data. Some sellers are offering “buy one get one free” stolen credit card deals.

Let close observing that it is possible to pay for an email bomb service that promises to “f**k any email account instantly” by signing up the victim to more than 1500 newsletters.

Stay tuned … we will continue to follow the offer on the black marketplace.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – stolen account, black marketplace)

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