Media revealed that the Russia is developing its kamikaze drones

Pierluigi Paganini May 29, 2016

According to the media agency the Russia is developing new kamikaze drones to use in surgical military operations.

When you think about possible military uses of drones, surveillance and air strikes are the principal activities that we can imagine.

According to the Russian media, the Russia is developing a kamikaze drone that could be used to hit targets and detonate after the impact.

The reported kamikaze drones would be designed to hit enemy air defenses or to provide tactical-level air support to units in the field. Kamikaze drones are not a novelty in the military, they are small UAVs which are equipped with explosives. Operators instruct the drones to hit the target, this family of vehicles has the great advantage to be cheaper, lighter and harder to detect compared to conventional drones.

“A drone which would act similar to a fire ship is being developed now. It detonates after hitting a target,” states the TASS citing a defense source.

The source also added that kamikaze drones will be developed starting from a model already in use.

Other countries already have kamikaze drones in their arsenal, the US Army uses the AeroVironment Switchblade.

AeroVironment Switchblade kamikaze drones

In April, a video published on the Washington Post revealed that Israeli-made kamikaze drones were used in the Nagorno-Karabakh by the Azerbaijan army.


The kamikaze drones have a range of up to 10km and can be used for surgical strikes, like military operations to destroy enemy radar stations.

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Pierluigi Paganini

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