hacked, stolen card data and accounts available for sale

Pierluigi Paganini June 05, 2016

The notorious crime forum Sh0ping[.]su has been hacked by unknowns that leaked online credit card data and stolen accounts.

Data breaches are a common problem also for bad actors, in many cases cyber criminals hack websites of competitors to damage their reputation and push out them from the business.

Recently we discussed the hacks of and Besa Mafia illegal services that caused serious damage to their business, and news of the day is that ShOping[.]su suffered a major data breach.

The latest one is ShOping[.]su, also known as, is a crime forum in the darknet where criminals buy and sell stolen payment card data and stolen accounts.

Unknowns hacked the ShOping[.]su service by stealing thousands of accounts and offering them for sale online. The hackers claim to have stolen data belonging to more than 16,000 ShOping[.]su registered accounts, they also claim the availability of 15,000 user accounts stolen from other sites that were stored on the same server and around 9000 credit card data.

The data breach was discovered by the Hacked-DB company that reported it to the colleagues at the HackRead alongside with a detailed report that confirms the presence of 16,566 user accounts in the leaked data.

“The dumped data contains 16,566 user accounts with email addresses and their encrypted passwords, 9,000 accounts from platforms like Uber, cPanel, WebMail, GoDaddy, Twitter, PayPal, Amazon and more. (The 9,000 accounts were available on ShOping[.]su for sale.)” reported HackRead.

After the alleged data breach the ShOping[.]su platform went down for more than one day, now it is again up.

sh0ping-su-data dump

The leaked data contain personal and credit card data of 5,000 users including ID card numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers, CVV codes, zip code, users’ date of births, name or the state and city, type of card, phone numbers, usernames, email addresses, price and date of purchased.

“Hacked-DB has detected a data breach on ShOping[.]su website. The leaked data contains user account information and full credit card details, credit number, CVV, expiration date, holder name, credit type etc. the website was down for maintenance after the data breach but now it is back online,” reported a Hacked-DB spokesman.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – ShOping[.]su, data breach)

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