Amazon S3 outage. Increased error rates. Amazon AWS is down

Pierluigi Paganini February 28, 2017

An Amazon AWS S3 outage is causing serious problems for a huge number of websites, applications, and Internet of Things devices.

The Amazon S3 web-based storage service is experiencing serious widespread issues. Web services and mobile apps leveraging on Amazon S3 suffered a significant outage.

According to the company, the Amazon S3 outage was caused by “high error rates with S3 in US-EAST-1.”

“We have now repaired the ability to update the service health dashboard. The service updates are below. We continue to experience high error rates with S3 in US-EAST-1, which is impacting various AWS services. We are working hard at repairing S3, believe we understand rootcause , and are working on implementing what we believe will remediate the issue.” reads the statement published on the AWS service health dashboard.

Many websites were affected by the Amazon S3 outage, including Quora, Imgur, Medium, Business Insider, filesharing in Slack, and many others.

Amazon S3 service is used by a large number of service to store data online, including Runkeeper, Yahoo webmail and Trello.

Amazon S3 outage also affected IoT devices backed by the Amazon service, such as connected thermostats and lightbulbs, users were not able to control their devices.

According to data tracked by SimilarTech, Amazon S3 is used by more than 148,000 websites and 120,oo0 unique domains, mostly in the US. 0.8 percent of the top 1 million websites leverage on the Amazon service.

Amazon S3 outage


The users are angry, AWS still continue to downplay the issue classifying it as a case of “increased error rates.”

The status dashboard for AWS shows all green ticks at time of writing, but users are still facing the Amazon S3 outage.

“We’ve identified the issue as high error rates with S3 in US-EAST-1, which is also impacting applications and services dependent on S3. We are actively working on remediating the issue,” states AWS.

Stay tuned.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Amazon S3 outage , cloud computing)

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