European law enforcement takes down Darknet marketplace

Pierluigi Paganini May 07, 2017

Europol supported the Slovak NAKA crime unit in an operation that resulted in the seizure of the Bloomsfield darknet marketplace.

Another success of the European police, last week Europol supported the Slovak NAKA crime unit in the arrest of a Slovak national believed to operate the Bloomsfield darknet marketplace dealing in drugs and arms.

“Bloomsfield started its marketplace around two years ago, but remained throughout its shelf life a rather small market with few listings and users.” reported website

The police took into custody the suspect and several of his premises have been searched.

“Europol has supported the Slovak authorities in their investigation into a Slovak national who had been trading firearms, ammunition, and drugs on the Darknet.” reads the statement published by the Europol.

bloomfield Darknet marketplace shut down

“In one of the locations searched, Slovak authorities discovered and seized five firearms and approximately 600 rounds of ammunition of different calibers. The investigators also found a sophisticated indoor cannabis plantation, 58 cannabis plants and a Bitcoin wallet containing bitcoins worth EUR 203 000, which is thought to have been obtained from illegal online activities.”

The law enforcement has seized the server running the darknet marketplace, experts are analyzing it searching for evidence and other information useful for the investigation.

“The server used by the suspect to host the Darknet marketplace was also seized during the raids and is currently being forensically analysed. Slovak authorities and Europol have extended the investigation into the users and vendors who utilised the marketplace.” states Europol

Bloomsfield was launched around two years ago but is considered a very small market with few listings and users. It started as the vendor shop of the vendor ‘Biocanna‘ and later other vendors have joined the darknet market.

Biocanna has shared a portion of a conversation on Twitter concerning the ‘owner of the failing Bloomsfield market.’

It the above claims are correct the Europol will have no difficulties to track the other operators of the black market.

“Europol supported Slovakia throughout the entire investigation by providing its analytical and financial intelligence capabilities.” reads the Europol’s announcement. “Also, across-check performed during the house searches generated a hit on Europol’s databases which helped investigators identify a Darknet vendor living in another EU country. The individual was suspected of supplying one of the firearms found during the house searches in Bratislava.”

Darknet marker places are important facilitators of criminal activities, the monitoring of this ecosystem is crucial for law enforcement.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Darknet marketplace, hacking)

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