Pierluigi Paganini December 12, 2016
How much cost a StingRay? Surveillance is a profitable business

Motherboard published an interesting blog post which includes further details on the cost of StingRay phone surveillance equipment. A couple of years ago I published a post on Stingray Technology trying to explain how governments track cellular devices. A StingRay is an IMSI-catcher (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) designed and commercialized by the Harris Corporation. At the time of the […]

Pierluigi Paganini November 02, 2016
Stealth Cell Tower, how to spy on workers with a harmless printer

Stealth Cell Tower, it is an antagonistic GSM base station concealed in an office printer that could be used for surveillance purposes. Are you angry with your boss or your colleagues? Do you want to spy on them? The engineer Julian Oliver has demonstrated how to do it with a tiny cellphone base station concealed in […]

Pierluigi Paganini December 18, 2015
A secret cellphone spying devices catalog leaked online

Someone in the Intelligence community leaked online a secret catalog of cellphone spying devices used by law enforcement. The Intercept has leaked online a secret catalog of cellphone spying devices, the precious document has been given to the online publication by someone inside the intelligence community. The person who passed the document to The Intercept […]

Pierluigi Paganini October 29, 2015
Just $1400 to build an IMSI catcher like device to track phones

A group of researchers demonstrated that it is possible to build a Low-cost IMSI catcher for 4G/LTE networks to track phone locations. IMSI catcher for 4G/LTE networks are very expensive devices that allow tracking phone locations. Now a group of researchers has found a way to track devices using the latest LTE standard for mobile networks, but with a very […]

Pierluigi Paganini September 06, 2015
DoJ defines new rules for spying with the Stingray technology

The US Justice Department issued guidelines for StingRay Surveillance devices, new rules define aim to ensure privacy protection and transparency. Do you know what is a StingRay? If you want further details give a look to a post I wrote for the Infosec Institute on the StingRay Technology: “StingRay is an IMSI-catcher (International Mobile Subscriber […]

Pierluigi Paganini December 15, 2014
Stingray surveillance devices used to spy on the Norwegian Parliament

A newspaper discovers that bad actors are spying on cell phone communications of Norwegian politicians using the StingRay mobile surveillance equipment. The journalists of a daily newspaper in Norway have discovered a mobile phone surveillance equipment hidden around the Government and Parliamentary building and apparently there is no information on who has used it. Everyday we read about cyber […]

Pierluigi Paganini November 14, 2014
US Gov used airplanes to collect American cell phone data

The WSJ revealed that the US authorities coordinated by the Department of Justice has been using airplanes to collect Americans’ cell phone data. A new secret U.S. surveillance program was disclosed in a Wall Street Journal’s report, the post published by the popular media agency reveals the use of bogus cell phone towers installed in airplanes […]