Iranian Black Shadow hacking group breached Israeli Internet hosting firm

Pierluigi Paganini October 31, 2021

Irananian hacking group Black Shadow breached the Israeli internet hosting company Cyberserve, taking down several of its sites.

Iranian hacking group Black Shadow compromised the server of the Israeli internet hosting company Cyberserve, taking down several of the sites hosted by the firm. The group also claims to have stolen data and threatens to leak it.

“Hello Again! We have news for you,” the hackers wrote in a message circulated on social media on Friday. “You probably could not connect to many websites today. ‘Cyberserve’ company and their customers [were] hit by us. You may ask what about Data? As always, we have lots of it. If you don’t want your Data leaked by us, contact us soon.”

Some of the websites hosted on Cyberserve’s servers were unavailable on Saturday morning. The company hosts the sites of the Dan and Kavim public transportation companies, the Children’s Museum in Holon, the Pegasus travel company and the blogsite of the Kan public broadcaster.

Later the group decided to publish some of the stolen data because the company did not contact them.

“They did not contact us… so (the) first data is here,” reads the message published by Black Shadow before publishing some of the stolen info.

Black Shadow hacked the Israeli insurance firm Shirbit in December and demanded a $1 million ransom, but the victim refused to pay it.

“Unnamed Israeli officials told Channel 12 news at the time of the attack that they believed a state was behind the Black Shadow attack. However, they did not name the country.” reported the Times of Israel website.

Israel and Iran have been engaged in long-running silent cyberwar, the most clamorous event is represented by the Stuxnet attack aimed at disrupting the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

This week, a mysterious cyberattack took down Iran’s subsidized fuel distribution system.

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Pierluigi Paganini

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