Since declaring cyber war on Russia Anonymous leaked 5.8 TB of Russian data

Pierluigi Paganini April 24, 2022

OpRussia continues unabated, since declaring ‘cyber war’ on Russia Anonymous has now published approximately 5.8 TB of Russian data.

The #OpRussia launched by Anonymous on Russia after the criminal invasion of Ukraine continues to collect successes, the collective claims to have published approximately 5.8 TB of Russian data via DDoSecrets. The collective vows to release more data belonging to Russian businesses and government, organizations including a commercial bank.

Below is the list of companies hit by Anonymous in the last three days:

  • Enerpred is the largest producer of hydraulic tools in Russia and the CIS, specializing in the energy, petrochemical, coal, gas and construction industries. The collective has leaked a 432GB archive containing 645,000 emails.
  • Accent Capital is a commercial real-estate investment firm that owns or is directly involved with the management of many of the properties its clients invest in. The collective has leaked a 211GB archive containing 365,000 emails.
  • Sawatzky is a property management company. Sawatzky’s clients include Du Pont, Lenovo, Whirlpool, Aveva, Wella, Johnson + Johnson, Cisco, Google, Swatch, Avito, Samsung, Microsoft, Western Union, Saint-gobain, Turkish Airlines, and British American Tobacco. The collective has leaked a 432GB archive containing 575,000 emails.
  • Worldwide Invest is an investment firm with ties to Estonia and Russian railways. The collective has leaked a 130GB archive containing 250,000 emails.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – hacking, Anonymous)

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