Apr 24 – Apr 30 Ukraine – Russia the silent cyber conflict

Pierluigi Paganini May 01, 2022

This post provides a timeline of the events related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine from the cyber security perspective.

Below is the timeline of the events related to the ongoing invasion that occurred in the previous weeks:

April 30 – Pro-Russian group Killnet launched DDoS attacks on Romanian govt sites

A series of DDoS attacks launched by Russian hacktivists are targeting several Romanian government websites.

April 29 – Anonymous hacked Russian PSCB Commercial Bank and companies in the energy sector

OpRussia continues, less than a week after my last update Anonymous has hacked other Russian companies and leaked their data via DDoSecrets.

April 29 – Ongoing DDoS attacks from compromised sites hit Ukrainian entities

Ukraine CERT-UA warns of ongoing DDoS attacks targeting pro-Ukraine sites and the government web portal.

April 28 – Russia-linked threat actors launched hundreds of cyberattacks on Ukraine targets

Microsoft revealed that Russia launched hundreds of cyberattacks against Ukrainian entities since the beginning of the invasion.

April 27 – US Department of State offers $10M reward for info to locate six Russian Sandworm members

The U.S. government offers up to $10 million for info that allows to identify or locate six Russian GRU hackers who are members of the Sandworm APT group.


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Pierluigi Paganini

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