Google Ads will pass to be fully encrypted

Pierluigi Paganini April 21, 2015

Google is improving its services, last decision it related to the Ads, the company takes a step towards by deployeng “HTTPS Everywhere”.

Another good step, coming from google involving encryption. As you may remember Google started to encrypt back in 2008, when Gmail started to use HTTPS.

Since 2008, Google has done a remarkable work trying to pass all his online services to use strong HTTPS. In a blog post released by Google April 17 2015 it’s explained that the next phase it’s to pass all his advertising service as well, continuing the work started last year when YouTube ads and Google search ads passed to HTTPS.

For the rest of the Ads Google says:

“The vast majority of mobile, desktop computer, and video display ads served to the Google Display Network, DoubleClick and AdMob publishers will be encrypted [by June 30],”

Google ads 2

The next initiatives announced by Google are:

“By June 30, 2015, the vast majority of mobile, video, and desktop display ads served to the Google Display Network, AdMob and DoubleClick publishers will be encrypted.” states Google. “Also by June 30, 2015, advertisers using any of our buying platforms, including AdWords and DoubleClick, will be able to serve HTTPS-encrypted display ads to all HTTPS-enabled inventory. “

This is another good strategy that follows the logic of “HTTPS Everywhere“, and since google in pushing forward for HTTPS being used everywhere for sure another companies will follow this decision.

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Elsio Pinto is at the moment the Lead Mcafee Security Engineer at Swiss Re, but he also as knowledge in the areas of malware research, forensics, ethical hacking. He had previous experiences in major institutions being the European Parliament one of them. He is a security enthusiast and tries his best to pass his knowledge. He also owns his own blog

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