Who are best European Security Blogs? Why they Excluded Security Affairs?

Pierluigi Paganini May 23, 2015

Today I was contacted by many friends and followers because they are disappointed regarding a voting proposed by the Infosecurity Europe.


You know my daily effort spent in cyber security, I have thousand people that everyday reads my posts and share them, but evidently it is not enough because I’m out of their business.

So I decided to analyze the popularity level of the candidates and compare it with Security Affairs, that I remind you is a personal blog and not a business blog. For simplicity, I’ll analyze the Alexa Rating and the number of Twitter followers.

Blog Alexa Ranking Twitter Followers
Virus Bulletin Blog 184,695 28800
Peerlyst blog 1,017,373 1195
Infospectives straightforward security 2,121,616 1404
Tripwire The State of Security 72117 23100
BitDefender Hot For Security 221,068 65700
AlienVault Blog 89,308 13200
Security By Default 197,450 21600
Malwarebytes Unpacked 2,913 26500
Trendmicro countermeasures 268,410

Considering that Security Affairs is today Ranked 85,593 and that I have 9040 Followers, probably I can compete with companies despite I’m a single and passionate expert, but that the organization obviously does not know it!

At this point, let me give a look to my potential category, “The Best Personal Security Blog“, it’s clear that Security Affairs could be among the best blogs but the Infosecurity Europe doesn’t know it!

Blog Alexa Ranking Twitter Followers
Infospectives straightforward security 2,121,616 1404
Javvad’s Blog 3,974,388 7224
Security FAQ 339,699 9858

I don’t want to bore you, but the problem is why the organization at Infosecurity Europe has totally ignored me?

“The organization says that I never sent my application, this is true because I never heard of it. I have never been contacted by them. The organization declines any responsibility, the blog owners & readers of the blogs were the ones who selected the blogs. So excuse me, anyway I find very serious that a blog like Security Affairs was not mentioned neither that more than 9000 followers haven’t had news about the initiative.”

Probably I’m doing something wrong.

I’m very disappointed because I manage Security Affairs for passion and the numbers demonstrate that despite I’m alone it has the performance, in term of audience, of a Corporate Blog that is managed by a team of experts. I consider similar charts very offensive for those who like cyber security.

Good vote!

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Infosecurity Europe, Best European Blog)

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