Pro PoS, a new PoS malware available for sale in the underground

Pierluigi Paganini December 01, 2015

A new strain of PoS malware dubbed Pro PoS Solution is available for sale in the underground forums.

It’s Christmas also for criminals who have found a new gift under the Christmas tree, a new powerful strain of PoS malware.

According to the threat intelligence firm InfoArmor, the new PoS malware dubbed Pro PoS is available for sale in the underground forums and its authors are probably hackers from Eastern Europe.

The authors of the Pro PoS Solution designed their malware to infect the principal operating systems used by the companies in the retail industry, including newer operating systems.

pro pos malware

According to the threat intelligence firm InfoArmor, crooks are already using the Pro PoS Solution to target PoS systems used by retailers and SMBs in the US and Canada.

Pro PoS weights just 76KB and implements rootkit features as well as mechanisms to avoid antivirus detection. The experts at InfoArmor explained that Pro PoS integrates a polymorphic engine that allows the threat to generate a different signature for each malware sample.

On November 27, experts at InfoArmor noticed a significant increase of the Pro PoS Solution price which was offered at $2,600 for a six-month licence.

The Pro PoS support TOR to hide its Command and Control (C&C) servers.

The criminal underground is looking with increasing interest to PoS malware, in the last weeks a number of new threats were detected in the wild such as Cherry Picker and ModPoS.

Last week experts at Said iSight Partners discovered ModPOS is new POS malware discovered in systems of US retailers after the rush of Thanksgiving, the researchers speculate it is the most complex POS malware ever seen.

Recently several hotel chains were targeted by criminal gangs, including Hilton, Starwood and Trump.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – PoS Malware, Pro PoS Solution)

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