OpKillingBay – Anonymous shut down Japanese airport site to protest against slaughter of Dolphin

Pierluigi Paganini January 25, 2016

OpKillingBay – A group of hackers linked to the Anonymous collective shut down the Japanese Airport Website to protest against the slaughter of Dolphin.

The collective Anonymous has launched a DDoS attack that shut down the Website of the Japanese Narita International Airport on Friday night (at around 9:30 p.m) until Saturday (around 1 a.m). The attack has been confirmed by the Japanese authorities explaining that a series of DDoS attacks caused the block of the website, but that had no impact on the operation in the terminal.

According to the Japan Times, Anonymous has launched the DDoS attacks against the Japanese Narita International Airport to protest against dolphin slaughter in the country forbidding the entry in the country of the actor and activist Ric O’Barry. The Anonymous’ operation goes under the name OpKillingBay.

“Cyberattacks disrupted access to the official website of Narita airport from Friday night to Saturday, with the international hacker group Anonymous claiming responsibility, according to the airport’s operator. Narita International Airport Corp. said police confirmed the attacks were carried out by the group.” states the Japan Times. “No flight operations were affected.”

The Japanese government probably refused to let Barry enter the country due to his role in “The Cove,” an award-winning documentary about the annual dolphin slaughter in Japan.

Anonymous posted a message through a Twitter account that claimed responsibility for the DDoS attacks and expressed support to Ric Obarry.

OpKillingBay - Anonymous DDoS Japanese Narita International Airport protest slaughter of Dolphin

The hackers belonging the Anonymous collective are conducting a heated battle against the Japanese Government that has no intention to stop the slaughter of Dolphin.

In September, the hacktivists took down the website of the town of Taiji in Wakayama Prefecture for the same reason, and a month later in October 2015 the Anonymous group launched the operation # OpKillingBay and they shut down Narita and Chubu International Airport websites against the slaughter of Dolphi,

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Anonymous # OpKillingBay, slaughter of Dolphin)

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