US Intelligence confirms the ISIS used chemical weapons

Pierluigi Paganini February 12, 2016

According to Fox News, the Director of National Intelligence confirmed to the Senate that the Islamic State has used chemical weapons.

In December, a European Parliament report warned that the ISIS organization has already smuggled CBRN material into the EU, the risk of WMD attacks is real.

The intelligence experts speculate the IS has recruited experts with chemistry, physics and computer science degrees to wage attacks with weapons of mass destruction.

“ISIS actually has already acquired the knowledge, and in some cases the human expertise, that would allow it to use CBRN materials as weapons of terror.” said Wolfgang Rudischhauser, Director of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Non-Proliferation Centre at NATO.

The shocking revelation is included in a report of the European Parliament that confirm the ISIS “may be planning to try to use internationally banned weapons of mass destruction in future attacks.”

According to Fox News, the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper confirmed to the Senate on Tuesday that the Islamic State has used weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

The Islamic State group has used chemical weapons on the battlefield, Clapper did not provide info where WDMs had been used, but he confirmed that in many cases members of the ISIS have used the threaded weapons.

“(The Syrian government) has used chemicals against the opposition on multiple occasions since Syria joined the Chemical Weapons Convention. ISIL has also used toxic chemicals in Iraq and Syria, including the blister agent sulfur mustard,” he stated.

Fox News already published images and videos demonstrating the member of the ISIS were testing chemical weapons. The images showed burns and blistering on

“Photos taken by the Kurds in northern Iraq last summer and fall and reviewed by Fox News show burns and blistering on the skin that a source on the ground there said are consistent with the use of chemical agents. The agents were described as “odorless, colorless and absorbed through the clothing,” causing burns or illness hours later.” wrote FoxNews.

This is the first official confirmation from the US intelligence community that members of the Islamic State have used WMDs. The fear of a possible attack in Europe or US is high, a chemical weapon deployed in a city could kill thousands of unarmed citizens.

isis chemical weapons

“The perceived success of attacks by homegrown violent extremists in Europe and North America, such as those in Chattanooga and San Bernardino, might motivate others to replicate opportunistic attacks with little or no warning, diminishing our ability to detect terrorist operational planning and readiness,” he stated.

The availability of Chemical weapons definitely raises the level of danger of the threat from the radical group.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – ISIS, terrorism, Chemical weapons)

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